SEQUEL SMACKDOWN: The Fugitive vs. U.S. Marshals

  Well, this is the first of what I hope will be a feature on the blog – SEQUEL SMACKDOWN!

Many will agree that The Fugitive is one of the classic thrillers of the 90’s, but how does it stack up against its sequel, which features my much-loved Robert Downey, Jr.?

The Fugitive
Nothing new or particularly noteworthy, but definitely a solid thriller. Ford and Jones *make* this movie, I might add. Not much else to say… there were some moments where I was glued to the screen, others where I was just, well, watching a movie. Worth having in your library.


U.S. Marshals
Not too spectacular. It often felt like a scene-for-scene rehash of The Fugitive, borrowing extensively from the original’s plot. Jones manages to bring some level of depth, but almost everyone else is perfectly one-dimensional. I’d love to say that Downey, Jr. makes a good villain here, but…. meh. That freshness that usually pulls him through even the most unwieldy of scripts is completely missing. The stunt work is very cool and there’s some edge-of-your-seat moments, but nothing at the same calibre of The Fugitive.

2 1/2 STARS

So there you have it!  As with so many poorly conceived sequels, The Fugitive leaves U.S. Marshals in the dust on almost every count.  Except for RDJ.  But that says a lot when even Robert couldn’t save this lacklustre sequel.  Stay tuned for another SMACKDOWN coming soon!






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2 responses to “SEQUEL SMACKDOWN: The Fugitive vs. U.S. Marshals

  1. Courtney

    Dude in regards to your fresh comments Monsters Vs Aliens was awesome … rocked my socks. But then again I do not have the same eye for movies as you do I guess. I\’m trying to sell my parents on watching Kiss Kiss Bang Bang if possible so I will keep you updated my friend!

  2. Jessica

    MUAHAHA! A COMMENT!!!! Sorry, just uber-stoked to see one. And it\’s not that I didn\’t like Monsters vs. Aliens, I just think there are a lot of animated features that are fresher and funnier. The Tale of Desperaux isn\’t exactly funny in the knee-slapping sense, but it was more entertaining for me than MVA. My humble opinion.And BOOYAH for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang! Just make sure to give them a heads-up on content and language, LOL!

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