Awesome words: medical edition (part I)

I’ve been reading an awful lot of medical whathaveyou lately, and I’ve noticed that there’s a plethora of super awesome medical terms around, ripe for plucking.  Below is a collection of some of my favorites from GI block.  Do enjoy – say them out loud.  Let them roll around on your tongue.  Get a feel for their meatiness or angularity.  Or woodiness, if you enjoy a bit of Monty Python…

Add your own in the comments!

  • ampulla
  • peristalsis
  • jejunum
  • fundus
  • Wernicke-Korsakoff
  • cirrhosis
  • Vater
  • duct
  • gallbladder
  • gastric
  • mesentery
  • volvulus
  • enteric
  • chyme
  • ghrelin
  • cholecysectomy
  • sublingual
  • ferritin
  • hematochezia
  • Sjogren

And the bestest GI word EVAR…


Oh yeah.  Try that one on for size.  Goober-nack-you-lum.  Love it.

 – Atalanta



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8 responses to “Awesome words: medical edition (part I)

  1. I didn’t know Gubernaculum was part of the GI tract. I thought it was more responsible for the descent of the testes and ovaries.

    Or do you guys consider reproductive systems part of GI?

    • We talked about it a bit when we were doing the inguinal canal and hernias. I affectionately know it as the fishing pole of the abdominal wall. Reeeeeeel that gonad anteriorly, Mr. Goober.

      • You are awesome my friend.
        Ah yes, inguinal hernias make it more related to GI.

        I took Embryological anatomy last year, so we got to learn all that stuff. Not to mention everything that can go wrong with babies and development.
        I’m going to be a worried mother! LOL.

        Also being in developmental biology I deal with mesenchyme a lot. And I just love that word as well… chyme mmmmmmm. hehe

  2. You forgot the one word always stuck in my head…. and that is choledocolithiasis.

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  6. Another awesome GI term: mesenteric adenitis. (Great big fancy term for I-don’t-know-what-the-heck’s-causing-this-guy’s-abdominal-pain-but-I-better-call-it-something-’cause-I’m-getting-paid-to-treat-him.)

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