Awesome words: medical edition (part II)

Well, well, well.  If you’re in my class, you’re procrastinating, aren’t you?  Don’t deny it.  I see into your SOUL.

And I’m doing it, too.

Since studying is so haaaaaaaaaaaaard, I’m doing a cop-out post this week, don’t hate me.  Next week will be better, I promise.  Those who’ve been on Facebook and witnessed the epic battles going down around vaccination will know what I’m talking about…  Maybe if you smile pretty and ask real nice, I’ll post it this weekend.

In the meantime, here’s another AWESOME list of AWESOME words for you to ponder, fresh from repro and urology (see part 1 on GI block here):

  • placenta
  • gravida
  • torsion
  • bulbospongiosum
  • acrosome
  • hypospadias
  • Graafian
  • infundibulum
  • hydatidiform
  • abruption
  • meatus
  • caput succedaneum
  • leiomyosarcoma
  • amnion
  • pessary
  • nuchal
  • dermoid

And my favorite…


It just sounds sexy, dunnit?

Happy studying, see y’all in MSK!

Which one’s your favorite?  Got any more to add to the list?  Comment below!

 – Atalanta



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5 responses to “Awesome words: medical edition (part II)

  1. Matthew Benesch


  2. For some reason I find the word ‘gubernaculum’ extremely amusing…

    • Oh, it’s just fun to say. I feel so immature in class; every time one of the lecturers brings it up, I never fail to think, “Heh heh. He just said ‘goober.’ Heh.”

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