So you say it’s your birthday…

Yup.  It’s true.  I turned 22 this past Wednesday.  (Yes, it was awesome and fun.  No, there was no studying involved.  Yes, there was ice cream and Star Wars cookbooks.  No, I didn’t get a chance to see Hugo yet.)

Hence, I’ve been neglecting my blog duties in favour of random acts of geekiness (including LEGO building, test taking, Minesweeper mastering, etc.).  But alas, alack!  The time for birth celebrations is over and the real work must begin again.

More to come on that LEGO stuff.  It’ll be one of the best posts this year, promise.

Also in the past week-and-a-bit, I’ve had a couple of performances, one of which was playing at World AIDS Day on campus (organized by the lovely Niresha).  I had it filmed on a moderately crappy camera and posted it to YouTube for the entire interwebz to ridicule.  (No, it wasn’t that great.  Yes, I was hella nervous since I’d never accompanied myself before.  No, I didn’t die of shame.  Yes, it was a good time!)

Observe and clicky below for the links:  (or check my channel!) And watch in HI DEF!!

Coming up this week is the WINTER CONCERT, basically the biggest deal of the year for the med school choir.  For those of you on U of A campus, be sure to buy a ticket in Katz 1080 @ noon on Monday and Tuesday!  I’ll be posting videos from the concert next week, hopefully.  In the meantime, check out our newest commercial for the show!

Also next week is our second OSCE of the year.  For those who don’t know, OSCEs are basically the most synthetic, unrealistic version of a history and physical ever conceived.  But a rant for another time.

Thanks for reading, check ya next week!

Like the vids?  Check out my YouTube channel or comment below! 

 – Atalanta


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