The BUILD – Constructing the LEGO Imperial Shuttle

I’m going to try my hand at a photo blog this week, yay! <dodges flying vegetables>  Basically, I’ve been documenting one of the geekiest challenges I’ve yet attempted in my reasonably short lifetime and I’d like to share that with all of you.  (Knowing, of course, that most people, upon reading the word “LEGO,” will roll their eyes and possibly throw whatever they were holding.)

For the unfortunate few who already know all about it, I apologize as I gloat over the enormity of the Imperial Shuttle.  Not only does it have twin cannons both fore and aft, double turrets on both wings, an accessible cockpit, and wings movable from landing to flight position… but it also looks super sexy in my living room.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  This set deserves a proper introduction.  So without further ado-do, Atalanta Geekery Ltd. proudly presents THE BUILD.

Mr. Stormtrooper keeping a close eye on security on the build site

The underbelly early on

The hull's taking shape!

It's a big job - even Vader's getting his hands dirty


Awwwww, so cozy and snuggly in the cockpit.


Now on to the wings!









He's an engineer/pilot/construction worker. Just go with it.









My amazing construction managers!









Nearly there...









And the finished product…

2503 pieces, measuring 26" wide, 30" tall, and 19" long (!!!) (Yes, I'm reading Ellen's book. No, I didn't realize I was going to make her famous by being in this photo.)


Pre-flight checks complete...

Heck yes, she has a sexy aft.










We're besties. Nbd.

All settled in her new home. (P.S. The odd-looking thing is the landing gear. But it's fussy and PMS-ing. Don't talk to it.)

Thanks for reading!  It’s been immense fun building it, I just wish more people would indulge in the child-like wonder that can only come from a completed LEGO set.

No doubt, the shuttle’s a sassy miss.  Tempermental, too, I’ll tell ya.  But a lovely lass like this deserves special status.  So, my question for you is… what would you name her?

 – Atalanta



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3 responses to “The BUILD – Constructing the LEGO Imperial Shuttle

  1. This is amazing! Great job!

  2. I’ve never been able to build much out of LEGOs, but I love playing with them. That looks awesome!

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