That one about Valentine’s Day – a letter to a Mr. Cumberbatch

(Since V-Day falls on a Tuesday this year, I’m posting this week on it.  Don’t hate.)

I don’t really have a Valentine this year.  Okay, fine, I haven’t had one in previous years, either.  Sheesh.

So in lieu of writing some sappy, pathetic poetry to that light of my life, that summer of my heart… I’m writing some to a blond-haired stranger from afar.  (Now is the appropriate time to snort derisively.)

Dear B.

We’ve never spoken, except in the wilds of my imagination
We’ve never so much as seen one another
For all purposes and points, I simply don’t exist
Not in that world

But it doesn’t matter.

You’re probably an imponderable fool of the highest degree
Sporting “celebrity” like a shining pair of cufflinks
Dazzling them, eyes blind to your selfishness
Not seen but by a few

You surely taunt luck and befriend few in your golden spheres
Snatching hearts and wounding countenance with haughty indifference
Grasping at what little purchase a silver ladder affords
Not a man, but a photograph

But perhaps not.

It’s possible that you hold more kindness than a camera may capture
Shedding status and rank with utmost contempt
Shouting to sky, unable to be truly heard above the grinding gears of media
Not shining but unwillingly gilded

You may even exude warmth, create light, and laugh often
Dreaming of better days and writing of lines such as these
Wondering at the beauty and chance encompassing all life
Not an image, but a soul

But I’ll never know.

You remind me of another young man with whom you share many things
Both with blue-on-blue eyes, shocking and beautiful
With yellow hair, often unruly but rarely neglected
Not cognizant of their twin

Most important of all, you share a futility difficult to understand
One arising from the miles between and oceans uncrossed
The other from time lost and hopes disappointed
Not closer or farther, only static and dim

But tomorrow carries change.

In another sunrise or another starfall, another story, another song
I may find hope that my path will meet another’s, so I thank you – both of you
For giving flight to my words, colour to my thoughts, and lightness to my heart
Not to be forgotten

Always yours,

 – Atalanta


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