10 things geeky, white girls like

I must admit, the title’s a bit misleading.  What I really mean to explore today is 10 things that white, tall, geeky, neurotic, med student girls like.

We’re a special breed, the MSWNTGs (pronounced “Miss Wanting’s”).  We’re few and far between, like the occasional star sapphire amongst a pile of rubies.  We’re wanting in the glitter and lustre department, unlike so many of our fellows… but if you catch us at just the right angle, we seem to glow from the inside-out.

So without further ado, the stuff that makes us glow: stuff geeky, white girls like.

1.  Comic books

I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I have a growing stack of The Invincible Iron Man comics under my coffee table.  With the emergence of comic book geekdom into mainstream taste, more and more ladies are coming forward with their slightly unhealthy crushes on Mr. Stark and Hawkeye.

Gratuitous plug for The Avengers: Going to the midnight premiere tonight.  IMAX 3D.  Be jealous.

2.  Starbucks

Because there are some days when Tim Horton’s just won’t do.  You’ve got to have that Signature Hot Chocolate, made with a delicious blend of cocoas that give it a rich, dynamic, multifaceted flavour.  There may be no such thing as a hot chocolate connoisseur.  But I would be one.

3.  BBC’s Sherlock

I don’t know if I can put my deep love and respect for this show into words.  Except to say that Mr. Cumberbatch properly rules.  I read all the Conan Doyle stories when I was 13 and, needless to say, it made quite the impression on me.  OOH, I know – movie time!

4.  Facebook

There’s just no better way to rant and rave over your favourite movie or worst lecturer.  Or Doctor Who episode.  Or movie trailer featuring male strippers.  In a professional, upstanding sort of way, of course.

5.  The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit

If you’re geeking out over the Hobbit on-set videos and drooling over the trailer on a regular basis, you may be a MSWNTG.  If you’re a high-grade MSWNTG, you may even be giddy with excitement at the idea of both leading Sherlock gents in the same, Peter Jackson-directed epic.  With amazing frame rates.  And Kiwi splendour.

6.  Josh Groban

A Grobanite state of mind isn’t restricted to MSWNTGs, by any means, it’s also popular among empty-nester moms, the tween crowd, and angsty, teenage sopranos who are convinced they’d be perfect for a duet album.  Me, I’m not any of those.  But I am absolutely certain he knows me.  Somehow.  He knows my soul.  Every time I listen to Illuminations, I get a bit ridiculous.

7.  Sneakers

Especially Nike’s.  Especially especially customized Nike’s.

 8.  LEGO

See this post on the riveting journey from building blocks to Imperial bringer of death.  There’s nothing quite like the intense satisfaction that comes from fitting those pieces together just so, watching the wings take shape, and adding the finishing touches to a gigantic testament to geekiness.  On a similar note…

9.  Star Wars

This kind of goes without saying.  I was also going to include Star Trek in this bit, but I fear the backlash.  A lot.  Because God forbid somebody likes both universes…  Also going along for the ride is the newest BioWare MMO, The Old Republic.  If you’re not playing it, you should be.  I can shoot lightning out of my fingertips and I’ve got a space pirate drooling over my badass, sexy demeanour.  I mean come on.  And the best part: NO ewoks.  So far.

10.  Disney

This is the crux of being a MSWNTG.  And I’m not talking about remembering watching Aladdin that one time.  I’m talking seeing Tangled 6 times in theatre and Lion King 3D twice.  I’m talking writing a 30-page, short sequel to The Great Mouse Detective at age 14.  Having The Hunchback of Notre Dame in your permanent DVD collection and iTunes library.  Knowing The Emperor’s New Groove word-for-word since grade 5.  Knowing that Beauty and the Beast was *not* the first Disney film to feature a computer-rendered 3D sequence.  Visiting Disneyland an obscene amount, considering my age.  That’s what being a MSWNTG is all about.

Honourable mentions: Pride and Prejudice, World of Warcraft, Doctor Who, Steven King novels, dancing sober at the club, Game of Thrones, anything from Joss Whedon

So what do you think?  Anything missing from the list?  Ready to flee in fear?

 – Atalanta



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3 responses to “10 things geeky, white girls like

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  2. Lindsay C

    I feel partially responsible for the great mouse detective / Sherlock Holmes bit. I’m not sure if I should apologize or await thank yous….

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