After the storm

So it’s a cliché title.  Do somethin’ ’bout it.

This is going to be a different kind of post.  No rant today, no funny lists, no life-altering, pseudo-philosophical ramblings.  And especially no terrible poetry.  Just a post inspired by quiet afternoons and summer lightning.

Now that the world has started to settle a bit, the post-exam fever/headache/fatigue triad has started to fade and I’m easing into my summer routine. (And trust me, for an obsessive-compulsive personality, this is never pretty.) Running a few days a week, gathering bits and pieces for my UK trip, going on awesome shopping trips with my mom… life is good.  Actually, life is pretty great.   So much to be thankful for.

Next week I start my family medicine elective – I’m a bit nervous, seeing how absolutely green I’ll be.  At the same time, I can’t really pretend to try and impress my preceptor since he’ll be only too painfully aware of how little I know.  So no pressure?  (Aside: When I graduate, I’m starting my clinic at 9:00am.  None of this ridiculous 7:00 business.)

In the meantime, I’ve hesitantly thrown myself back into the world of fangirldom.


I know, I know, be afeared.  It’s not as bad as you think.  I’m not all like,
OMG hes like sooooooooooo hottttt, wanna marrie that guy and have his babiez”

(But we would have amazing ginger kids with funny names.  Just sayin’.)

Fangirls are an odd bunch.  Most of the ones surrounding BBC’s Sherlock tend to be of an intelligent, though slightly zany stock.  They’re also big on blue scarves, the macabre, and angst. (I know that feel, ladies.)  They gush about Benedict Cumberbatch’s amazing cheekbones, the subtle references to Conan Doyle’s works (“It’s a three-patch problem.”), the attention to detail in set decoration, the glorious lighting and camera tricks…

Anyway.  Point is, I’ve been indulging in Tumblr this summer.  Heh heh.  Oh Tumblr.  The place where my attention span goes to die.

Other than all that?  Been getting pretty revved up about my England-Scotland-Wales trip.  I don’t know how often I’ll be able to update the blog, but I’ll try when I can.  Post a couple pictures, maybe.  Brag about all the cool places I’m going, maybe.  Basically anything I can do that will help you hate my guts.

Poll time:  What do you want to see from the blog over the summer?

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