The real world: Part I?

It’s nearly summer!  Officially, anyway.  I’ve always considered it summery if I see sun, blue sky, and a weather report of at least 20 degrees.  I make no presumptions about snow or hail.  It’s Alberta.  Stuff happens.

Anyway, I’m doing an elective in a family doc’s office this week and next in my hometown.  There are a few things that need gushing about and a few things that need rants.  So let’s do the over-enthusiasm and keenness this week and worry about the cynicism and pessimistic stuff another day, kapeesh?

First, I’d like to geek out over how lovely the staff is.  I won’t mention names (or I’ll look like an absolute prat), but I will say my preceptor is awesome.  He’s always finding new things for me to see, to try (DREs and Paps, anyone?), and to learn about.  He even suggested I could go to the hospital and chat with his inpatients on my own.  In that way, he’s excellent at being able to tell where my safety zone is – and more importantly, when to push me out of it.  He’s constantly testing my knowledge WITHOUT pimping me.  (Shocking, I realize.)  And he’s always happy to answer questions without pointing out the gaping holes in my education so far.

But it gets better.  His resident is every kind of super.  And kind.  When I say kind, I don’t mean saccharine, patronizing kindness.  I mean respectfully and openly agreeing with my diagnosis/treatment/whatever when talking with a patient or my preceptor.  It’s something I absolutely must do for my students when I’m a resident; it’s a huge confidence boost when someone (with 4+ years’ experience on you) basically declares to the world, “I trust this student’s judgement.”  Aw.   It just… so awesome.

And of course, there’s the rest of the staff.  Welcoming, warm, accommodating, organized… Oh for heaven’s sake.  This is starting to sound a bit fangirlish.

Just one more thing?  Then I’m done.  Seriously.

The patients.  Wow.  I mean, I’ve met lots of patients over the years, but never in such a high volume and over such a short time.  We’re extremely busy – over 60 patients in a day sometimes.  And considering how many I’ve spoken with… well, it restores my faith in humanity when I can’t recount a single patient that was overtly rude or nasty.  And I can think of well over a dozen who surprised and inspired me.  Of course, there were a few who didn’t understand why a lowly medical student was trying to talk to them, but let’s be serious.  I’m 22.  Hardly a medical professional, usually a complete stranger, and certainly not a doctor.  Doesn’t inspire a lot of trust, ja?

Anyway.  Another aimless ramble for another Thursday.  Maybe next week I’ll write up my vast differential for red, itchy rashes.  I swear I’ll be a pro by then.

 – Atalanta

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