On hiatus

Without my illuminating posts, that is.

Hey y’all – just a quick update to say ta ta for now.In case you haven’t been paying attention, I’m off to the UK tomorrow with my awesome med travel buddy.  We’re heading to England, Scotland, and Wales for 22 days, so I may or may not get the chance to write in the blog.  If I do, rest assured it will only be of the highest quality.  There will be no stooping to “neener-neener, you ain’t here” pictures or tales.  (Disclaimer: this does not apply to any or all situations in which I come in direct contact with Benedict Cumberbatch.)

Speaking of Mr. Bandy Cumbersnatch, no poetry tickets yet.  I’ve been in touch with a lovely girl from Cheltenham who’s been kind enough to ask around town for me.  Tumblr is a wonderful place.  Hopefully I’ll have them in my greedy paws before long.  If nothing else, I’ll celebrate July 19th (Mr. C’s birthday) with an obscene amount of chocolate and flag-waving, listening to the BBC Radio’s recording of the show.

Anyway, off to pack a bit (or a lot…), pray for our luggage and see you in August!

 – Atalanta


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