Scotland, meet the medical student

Hey y’all!  It’s been a while, figured I’d update you, seeing as you’re constantly pestering me for photos of the trip so far, what we’re doing, whether we’re alive…

Yeah, not so much.  But I still love you anyway.

But onto the good stuff.

So we’re in Scotland, as you may have noticed.  We just moved into our temporary home here in Edinburgh, a charming little apartment with hardwood floors, great decor, and a washing machine that I’m sure is currently sprouting wings to take flight.  Very noisy.

By the way, getting your own groceries is glorious.  I mean that in all seriousness.  I literally danced about the apartment in a terrible jig to Mumford & Sons at the very idea.  Cereal in my PJs whenever I want.  Yes please.

In other news, I wanted to wish Benedict Cumberbatch a very happy, wonderful birthday and many many gratz for his Emmy nomination!  At that, congratz to the entire Sherlock crew for their nice haul of nominations in direction, editing, music, writing… I’ve lost track.  It’s just all so awesome.

Also, for Mr. C: Sorry about missing the poetry shindig in Cheltenham, I’m sure it was a wonderful show.  This also robbed me of the chance to wish you a preemptive happy birthday in person, so I hope this little anonymous note will suffice.

And sorry to disappoint, for the rest of you, but my tablet absolutely hates the blog editor, so no pictures yet.  And no text editing, either.  Which means my signing off will be a rather meek, humble little name instead of my usual, brash signature.  Either way, looking forward to chatting with you all when the weather starts to get nicer here!

 – Atalanta


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