That other one about Valentine’s day: being single is cool

Steth and HeartFirst and foremost, I’d like to point out that I’ve been single the entire year. (Or, you know, my entire life.  Also that.)  Why it makes a difference to be single on one particular day, I have no idea.  But people do go on about it.

So here we are.  Another Valentine’s day without a Valentine.

You think that sounds sad?  Pathetic, even?

You have no idea how wrong you are.  Here’s the top 10 reasons why being single on Valentine’s day is the absolute best:

1.  Drooling over attractive men

I’ve been told this isn’t actually a rule, but I feel like most ladies with a plus one would feel (at least) ever-so-slightly conflicted about watching those dreamy, chiseled faces and magnificent bods on all the TV movies come February 14th.  No such conflict for this lady.  I shall be enjoying their sassy smiles and gratuitous shirtless scenes.  No remorse.  Because… well, this guy.


2.  Getting in touch with your sentimental side without all the sappy stuff

No cheesy cards, no high-pressure dinners.  Just some you-time with a bottle of wine and a bag of M&Ms (God help me, I have a serious problem with M&Ms).  Time to really relax, watch an awful rom-com with friends, and avoid all the packed restaurants.  Because you’ve earned a night in and a good laugh.

3.  Getting in touch with your sentimental side WITH all the sappy stuff

You can flip it the other way, too – get really involved with a romantic subplot on your favorite soap or buy yourself the flower you love most.  I tend to sit on this end of the scale, mostly since I like writing sappy (read: terrible) poetry that gets my heart all aflutter.  I even wrote a bit for this year!  Check out what I’ve got so far:

His hand casually slips around my waist

No one notices

Amid the crass noise and crackling party

A gentle tug closer

In my ear, those three precious words I must hold my breath to hear

Bedroom’s that way.”

Heh heh.  Oh come on, it’s funny.

4.  February 15th: chocolate on the cheap

Nuff said.

5.  Watching Pride and Prejudice

Yes, this is the new one with Keira Knightley (and more importantly, Matthew Macfayden, mmmmm).  It’s become a bit of a ritualistic thing for me – I just adore the film and how unbelievably gorgeous it looks.  It makes me think of the English countryside, warm houses, and gossiping ladies.  Plus Donald Sutherland never fails to make me cry.  Now I’d feel a hell of a lot more guilty watching this if I had to make a significant other sit through the whole damn thing.  No good.

6.  Misery loves company

Nothing beats an anti-Valentine’s party.  You invite all your single friends, bitch about your attached friends, have some wine, and generally feel better about your life.  That’s the wonderful thing about parties.  If you invite enough people, someone’s life will suck more than yours.  Insta-happy.

7.  Drooling over attractive men.


8.  Random acts of kindness

I know it’s borderline creepy, but giving anonymous Valentine’s cards or flowers can absolutely make somebody’s month.  It’s just such a nice gesture, even if it doesn’t follow ultra-romantic convention.

9.  Emotional purging

It’s possible that you find it inconceivable to be happy and alone on a day where the cute-couple-is-cute factor reaches nauseating levels.  We’ve all been there.  At the very least, V-Day is a perfect opportunity to spill your guts and sob to your favorite teddy bear about how he totally doesn’t deserve you and he doesn’t even know what he’s missing out on.  You’ll feel better.  Promise.

10.  Oh, the possibilities.

Best of all, I love Valentine’s because it reminds me of the fabulous possibilities out there as a smart, nearly-attractive geek.  It could be that guy next door or that dashingly handsome rogue.  Maybe even that affectionate dork or that sensitive friend-of-a-friend.  So many gents, so little of me.

Point being, you don’t have to be attached to be awesome on Valentine’s Day.  Go out and go crazy.  Stay in and relax.  No matter your relationship status on the 14th, do whatever the hell you want.

Besides.  It’s almost the weekend.  You deserve it.

 – Atalanta

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