My pad

IMGP6469I’ve lived in my current apartment almost 2 1/2 years now, which is definitely a record for me.  And it’s the first place I’ve really been able to call mine.  The furniture is mine, the books are mine, the decor is mine – the only things that aren’t are the appliances.

That sounded a little materialistic and possessive.  Ah well.  MINE MINE MINE MINE.  There.  Get it out of my system.

But honestly, it’s such a relief to have a place to go at the end of the day that’s… nearly home.  And it’s never really had the praise it deserves.  So I’m here to give my pad a voice and tell you just how awesome (and awful) a place it is.

Why it’s awful:

1.  It’s f*#&ing expensive

Seriously.  No one should have to pay $100/month just in parking.  I know I pay for a lot of cool amenities like the gym and the pool plus I live close to the U of A… but $1400?  Really?  For a 1 bedroom?

2.  Carpet

OMG, so much effing carpet.  Carpet everywhere.  I absolutely despise how long it takes me to vacuum the damn place.  Plus I don’t think the hall outside my apartment gets cleaned very often – hence why I ended up with carpet beetles one summer.  Must’ve tracked them in on my shoes.  And guess what.  There’s a lot of GD carpet for them to eat.

3.  The appliances

Again, for $1400+ a month, I expect some pretty nice appliances.  But nope.  An aging fridge and a stove top that takes an eon to boil water.  Jeebus.

Why it’s awesome:

1.  It’s not too small, not too big… just right.

There’s a tendency for apartments in my area to run on the teeny-weeny side, so I’m glad to have a place where I actually have to walk a few steps to get from one room to another.  Plus some are just too spacious for one person – they feel empty and lonely.  Mine’s the baby bear of them all.

2.  It’s quiet

Generally speaking, this beats rez living every day and twice on Sundays.  I have a neighbor with an obnoxiously loud laugh, but that’s (or used to be) balanced by the guy next door with a fabulous singing voice (I think he moved out, sadface).  During the school’s-in season, people tend to go to bed early and not play their music too loud.  It’s heavenly.

3.  It’s a geek paradise

I kid you not.  A sampling of my vast array of geekdoms represented:

  • a LEGO Imperial Shuttle (2500 pieces, bitches)
  • a Star Trek lunchbox
  • a Harry Potter wand from FAO Schwarz (my parents are awesome)
  • a sonic screwdriver (11th Doctor) and levitating TARDIS
  • a mini-R2D2 that rolls happily along my desk when I’m bored
  • the 2013 Hobbit calendar, currently graced by Kili and Fili

Plus, outside the geeky stuff, I have this amazing painting from a local store in Medicine Hat (Annie McGuire Interiors, if anyone’s interested) – it reminds me of the English countryside in the early morning.


I love showers so damn much I could marry them.  Specifically, I love near-scorching showers.  Dries the skin all to hell but I feel like a rosy-pink goddess when I’m done.  So living in a huge apartment block with no end to the heat… sign me up.

5.  The view (sorry I suck at taking stitch photos)


So all in all – it’s my favourite place in Edmonton.  No doubt about it.  And I know it’s not a forever place, but it’s my safe haven during med school.  And God knows I need one of those.

 – Atalanta


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