Things you learn

 It’s been a busy two weeks in Halifax so far.  Physiatry isn’t general surgery, in terms of sheer volume, but it has a tendency to keep you late, writing long notes on complicated patients.

It’s been vastly helpful, though, in terms of my MSK and neuro skills, as well as getting me more comfortable with those scary drugs they like to use (BACLOFEN, DUN DUN DUNNNN).  Plus the patients all have remarkable stories; we deal with a lot of spinal cord injury patients, as well as stroke rehab and treatment of other neuromuscular disorders like Guillain-Barré and ALS.

I’ve learned a lot.  Not only about medicine, but also about the coast and the lovely city of Halifax.  Here are the highlights, for your viewing pleasure:

  • Halifax is perrrrrdy.  (See above)
  • The amount of independence or mobility you have does not necessarily determine your happiness.
  • People here have a weird tendency to talk while inhaling.
  • I haven’t gotten over my childhood loathing for picking wet onion bits out of the drain strainer.
  • Wheelchairs are a marvellous invention.
  • Power wheelchairs even more so.
  • The wind in Halifax doesn’t blow in a straight line.  It sort of swirls around wildly, intentionally abusing your umbrella.
  • Fall lasts more than a MONTH here.
  • There are so many amazing goodies on the unit that I’ll have to abstain from eating for at least a week on my return.
  • Themed Hallowe’en group getups are the best.
  • My hair despises humidity.  It’s also in desperate need of a trim.
  • Anemia means you don’t get better at climbing stairs.  You can only push so far before you can actually see your heart beating through your jacket.
  • Tom Hanks is probably gonna win an Oscar this year.
  • After 4 years away from Victoria, the ocean is still a knockout beauty.
  • If you wear a labcoat over your costume, no one will notice you’re wearing it.
  • Screenwriting is a spontaneous work of combustion.
  • I probably shouldn’t walk for four hours without stopping.  Ouch.
  • Coffee shops are cool places to get work done… if they’re not overrun with students loudly debating the relevance of Native culture.
  • The Stand is about to make it into my top 5 favourite books.  And I’m not even halfway through.
  • I think I’ll miss Halifax.

Thanks for catching up with me – one more week to see all the sights!

 – Atalanta


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