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Merry Christmas!!

Hello again and a very happy holidays to you, whatever you happen to celebrate!

With Christmas comes another set of covers by yours truly (not quite the originals but, hey, girl’s gotta have dreams), this year the set’s called Gyroscope.  What with all the twists and turns in 3rd year, it’s been difficult to keep balanced.

I’ve got them all here for your viewing pleasure – enjoy!

 – Atalanta


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NEW SONG! Gen Surg Can’t Hold Us

Yo yo yo.

(Yeah, apparently I’m a rapper or something.  That’s an appropriate greeting, ja?)

So we were asked to do an assignment for general surgery – could be anything from a reflection on our experiences to an approach to acute abdominal pain to a guide to two-handed suture ties.

Of course, I did none of those.

I made a music video.  A parody of Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us” (because his music rocks everything).  And after about 20 hours’ worth of work, here is the result.  Enjoy!

 – Atalanta


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Inside the head (and heart) of a geek

Haven’t felt like writing.  Go ahead and hate.

But I really have needed to take a break from the med-related stuff and just embrace the most epic of my qualities – the pure, unadulterated geek within.

To be clear, this onslaught of nerdiness stems largely from my recent experiences with The Hobbit (yes, experiences plural – and it came out Thursday night, go ahead and judge me) and the accompanying special Star Trek Into Darkness preview that came along with the IMAX show.

I went to the midnight premiere with IMAX simply because I like the largest freaking screen I can possibly get.  And I’m from a small city so it’s still very cool and novel.  So for those who’ve never been to a midnight premiere or experienced that kind of insanity, here’s what’s up with that.

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New Christmas album up on YouTube!

Hey y’all.  So the Christmas holidays are not yet completed, so my get-up-and-go-write-a-blog-entry has not yet returned.  Instead, imma link you all to my new album (I use that term in the loosiest way possible).  Plus it’s a great excuse to plug art in medicine – just because I’m going to be a doctor someday doesn’t mean I have to give up music and being a diva.

I’m only putting up 3 of the 6 tracks this year because A) I’m lazy, B) it takes forever to upload in 1080p, and C) they’re more depressing than the 3 I uploaded.  So TADA:

Carol of the Bells:  This one goes out to my girls, yo.  More specifically, the 3 wonderful ladies who are largely responsible for the overwhelming success of the Winter Concert this year.

Lucky:  After years and years of begging, pleading, and otherwise embarassing myself, my little bro finally agreed to sing a duet with me.  Jason Mraz?  Colbie Callait?  Eat your heart out.

Over the Rainbow:  I’ve done this one a couple of times, most recently at World AIDS Day, but I figured I should record it properly this year with my super lame microphone.

Thanks for listening!

 – Atalanta

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New Cover – “I See the Light” from Tangled

Quick blurb – over Christmas break, I recorded another cover disc, including this one from Tangled.  To be clear, YES, I did it because I saw it a trizillion times (oh yeah, beat that, Mr. Gazillion), and YES I’m stoked it got an Oscar nod.  Even if it did lose to Randy Newman.  Like always.

Anyway, enjoy!  If you are liking, check out my channel:


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So, here we are again.  Another long couple of months and a long dry spell for my movie-going.  That sounds awkward.  Hmm.  So anyway, some of you may already know that I’ve been a bit addicted to a particular film of late – it’s called Tangled.  Heard of it?  It’s known for it’s overwhelming awesomeness mostly.  But also for it’s epic-awesomeness.  Herein follows my humble review:

I know, I know, sucker for Disney. Especially fairy tale musicals. After 5 viewings, I figured it’s about time to write something down about why I would possibly spend so much time in a theatre with such dismal sound and video quality. The short answer is characters + music + plot. It’s quite appropriate that Disney’s 50th animated film contains so many elements of other classics like The Little Mermaid (young, naive maiden and the sassy villainess in black), The Hunchback of Notre Dame (the forbidden "road trip" and overprotective parental figure plus the dashingly handsome rogue), and even Beauty and the Beast (seriously – magic glowing flower, amirite?). It gives the characters a familiar feel while throwing them a more modern, snappy script and some fabulous voice actors. (Shout out to Zachary Levi – the man can sing! Who knew?) Same with the plot – some bits seem almost recycled, but tastefully so. And the music. /sigh Alan Menken can do no wrong. Seriously. After seeing it just once, I had "I See the Light" stuck in my head for days. It’s all genius, especially the lively, jig-like dance, and never fails to get me emotionally swept up in the moment. And the visuals aren’t too shabby either! Rapunzel’s hair looks incredible – major kudos there – and the floating lanterns rising above the city never fails to give me chills. So. It’s awesome. End of story.


And that’s all she wrote.  Seriously.  Hopefully I’ll be shuffling my blog to WordPress in the near future – just as soon as I copy down the lists that MSN is absolutely too incompetent to move.  Gahh.

As always,


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REVIEW – Sherlock Holmes

  As a Christmas gift, my bro got me a set of tickets to this.  And while it’s not everything I had hoped, it’s still enormously entertaining and worth a glance, if you’ve got the time.  I know RDJ is up for the Globe here, so keep your fingers crossed, eh?  Globe nods two years in a row – that’s something to get excite d about.  Anyway, here’s the quick and dirty review for your viewing pleasure:

Not outstanding, but very entertaining. An A++ for Mr. Downey, as per usual, for his slick yet conflicted Holmes. The action was actually pretty good… except when it wasn’t, of course. Perfect example: What should have been a creative, 4-minute tussle between our heroes and 3 baddies turned into (what felt like) a half-hour dissection of all the ways you can use a hammer and a ship. Still, the film benefits from a smart script (with a few exceptions) and an interesting plot you can’t fully predict. In essence: It’s *almost* there. *Almost* great. Hopefully, a sequel will give the creative boys and girls a chance to get it really right.



So Merry Christmas!  I’m in the process of catching up on reviews, as you may have noticed from the “Frrrrrrresh!” section, so bear with me while I get my rear in gear.

As always, feel free to comment below on this or any other review you’ve seen here or in the “Frrrrrrrresh!” department.  Let me know how tired you are of me and my rants or how glad you are there are like-minded people in this world.  Just comment.  Do it.


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