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Merry Christmas!

I can’t say I’ve been terribly present on my blog, been busy playing at being a real doctor.  Sigh, it saps my creative mojo.

So to make up for it, here’s the full list of tracks from this year’s Christmas album, “Evolve.”  My favourite tracks this year are “I See Fire” and “All of Me,” which my bro performed with me.  (I’m seriously loving the 4-part harmony at the end.)  I’m quite pleased with how it turned out this year; every time I make an album, my mixing skillz improve.  Leave a comment below – you like?

Lips are Movin’

I See Fire

Love Runs Out

The Wizard and I

All of Me – with Nick van der Sloot

 – Atalanta


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Scotland, meet the medical student

Hey y’all!  It’s been a while, figured I’d update you, seeing as you’re constantly pestering me for photos of the trip so far, what we’re doing, whether we’re alive…

Yeah, not so much.  But I still love you anyway.

But onto the good stuff.

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Minor Updates

All quiet on the western front.  Well, more eastern, actually.  More eastern than BC, anyway…

So some little updates – City of Ember and Igor have been added to my “Frrrrrrresh!” list, so check those out.  Too lazy?  Okaaaaaay… in a  nutshell, avoid City of Ember.  Try Igor instead.  I recommend that one especially for anybody who was in Annie at CHHS with me…. 😉

Anyway, I’ll be in Banff the next few days relaxing, watching a slew of new movies, and hopefully kicking this flu bug.  I’m going to miss a bit of the Oscars on Sunday, but for those bits that I do see, I’ll give a quick little writeup here for anybody who missed it.


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