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Things you learn during link block

I’m back, my lovelies!  (On my tablet, anyway.  Computer = dead.)

After an outrageously long hiatus, I am, in fact, back.  And plan to be back for some time.  Every week, if my brain will allow it.  And considering my first few months consist entirely of family medicine and electives, my brain shouldn’t be stretched too far.  Obs/Gyn… I make no promises.

For those who weren’t aware, we 3rd years just finished up our 2-week link block, which essentially links up our bookish learning with some useful skills and procedures.  As some of our teachers pointed out, it’s rather like taking the bunny slippers off us.  I consider it rather like taking the bunny slippers off before sending us tip-toeing through a minefield.  Personal opinion.

But it is a big transition, that from pre-clerkship to actually being out there in the trenches.  Knee deep in every type of human excrement, madly scribbling your progress notes while fielding rapid-fire pimping questions from every direction.  If it sounds like the battlefield, you’re starting to get an idea of what I’m expecting the upcoming year to be like.  From what I understand, one does not enjoy 3rd year.  One survives it.

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