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3 reasons books are awesome

Currently enjoying the near-30 degree weather here in Maui.  I know y’all hate me.  Curb your rage for a moment.

I struggled for a while about what I wanted to write about this week; it’s funny, but I feel so removed from “normal life” that I have a hard time dipping back into it, dragging the cesspool of popular culture for something current and witty.  The most normal thing I’ve done this week is check Facebook and play an MMO.

I guess I can briefly mention how annoyed I am that bullying in schools only becomes a public/press issue when someone dies.  Full stop.

But I’d really like to talk about how awesome books are.  As in, completely, totally, super-awesomely RAD.  I’ve been reading a rather lengthy anthology of all the short stories and poems of Edgar Allan Poe for the past few months and after so long, you start to get rather affectionate about not only your black-bound, 5-pound, anvil of a book, but also about books in general.  And here are just a few reasons why:

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The real world: Part I?

It’s nearly summer!  Officially, anyway.  I’ve always considered it summery if I see sun, blue sky, and a weather report of at least 20 degrees.  I make no presumptions about snow or hail.  It’s Alberta.  Stuff happens.

Anyway, I’m doing an elective in a family doc’s office this week and next in my hometown.  There are a few things that need gushing about and a few things that need rants.  So let’s do the over-enthusiasm and keenness this week and worry about the cynicism and pessimistic stuff another day, kapeesh?

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Awesome words: medical edition (part III)

(Other awesome words: part I + part II)

It’s that time again!  The end of musculoskeletal block (MSK) brings with it a new hash of fantastic terminology. (And the end of TBL, rejoice!) Plus blogging is a great way to take your mind off numbingly obvious bone physiology, right?

I’m also happy to say that this little series of posts is the most popular of the blog – every week I get a ton of referrals from Google, etc. spitting out my site as people search for “awesome words.”  So if you’re a med noob and don’t know how the hell you got here, I wave excitedly in your general direction.

Enjoy, and be sure to add your own in the comments!

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Awesome words: medical edition (part II)

Well, well, well.  If you’re in my class, you’re procrastinating, aren’t you?  Don’t deny it.  I see into your SOUL.

And I’m doing it, too.

Since studying is so haaaaaaaaaaaaard, I’m doing a cop-out post this week, don’t hate me.  Next week will be better, I promise.  Those who’ve been on Facebook and witnessed the epic battles going down around vaccination will know what I’m talking about…  Maybe if you smile pretty and ask real nice, I’ll post it this weekend.

In the meantime, here’s another AWESOME list of AWESOME words for you to ponder, fresh from repro and urology (see part 1 on GI block here):

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So, here we are again.  Another long couple of months and a long dry spell for my movie-going.  That sounds awkward.  Hmm.  So anyway, some of you may already know that I’ve been a bit addicted to a particular film of late – it’s called Tangled.  Heard of it?  It’s known for it’s overwhelming awesomeness mostly.  But also for it’s epic-awesomeness.  Herein follows my humble review:

I know, I know, sucker for Disney. Especially fairy tale musicals. After 5 viewings, I figured it’s about time to write something down about why I would possibly spend so much time in a theatre with such dismal sound and video quality. The short answer is characters + music + plot. It’s quite appropriate that Disney’s 50th animated film contains so many elements of other classics like The Little Mermaid (young, naive maiden and the sassy villainess in black), The Hunchback of Notre Dame (the forbidden "road trip" and overprotective parental figure plus the dashingly handsome rogue), and even Beauty and the Beast (seriously – magic glowing flower, amirite?). It gives the characters a familiar feel while throwing them a more modern, snappy script and some fabulous voice actors. (Shout out to Zachary Levi – the man can sing! Who knew?) Same with the plot – some bits seem almost recycled, but tastefully so. And the music. /sigh Alan Menken can do no wrong. Seriously. After seeing it just once, I had "I See the Light" stuck in my head for days. It’s all genius, especially the lively, jig-like dance, and never fails to get me emotionally swept up in the moment. And the visuals aren’t too shabby either! Rapunzel’s hair looks incredible – major kudos there – and the floating lanterns rising above the city never fails to give me chills. So. It’s awesome. End of story.


And that’s all she wrote.  Seriously.  Hopefully I’ll be shuffling my blog to WordPress in the near future – just as soon as I copy down the lists that MSN is absolutely too incompetent to move.  Gahh.

As always,


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