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The prairie town not actually on an island

Hey all, coming to you straight from Bow Island!  Population 2025, it’s about the coolest place to work this side of the South Saskatchewan.  Interestingly, according to the Bow Island website, the names of Bow Island and its neighboring town, Grassy Lake, were apparently mixed up.  Huh.

Anyway, been doing some work there during my rural family medicine rotation.  And for those in U of A med considering what to choose in the coming years – this is a great spot to work!  The physicians have all been very welcoming and the family I’m boarding with has really opened up their home (and food stores) to me.  Plus it’s nice to be closer to home; I’m only about 40 minutes from my house!  Free laundry, yeehaw.

I was considering doing the same sort of surprising/unsurprising lists as I did last time… trouble being, Bow Island is awfully small.  As in, even the tiniest little amount of information could probably tell you who somebody is and where they live and what colour their dog is.  Just sayin’.  So I’d like to return to my previously well-received piece of serious literature.  Social skillz: Iy hazen’t gots ’em.  Part two.  Or you could just call this Atalanta Being an Idiot.  Your choice.

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Social skillz: Iy hazen’t gots ’em.

Some amusing stories from this week’s awkwardness:


Facepalm #1:  I was at Safeway, getting groceries.  That’s typically what I do there.  Continue reading


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