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Rotation roundup: Internal medicine

Been a while – internal med can be a long, 8-week slog sometimes.  And summing it all up may be even more difficult.

This post has a bit of pathos infused in it.  After all, my classmates and I have been working year-round to be able to add that “4” to our signatures (already made that mistake 5 or 6 times today…).  I’ve only had a week off since Christmas and I’m really feeling the fatigue at this point.  Hell, it was a mental battle just to prep myself for writing this.  (Also I’m procrastinating – don’t really feel like memorizing toxin antidotes at the moment.)

But what kind of pseudo-blogger would I be without a little suffering?  A little (or a lot) of angst?  I’m even writing from an uncomfortable old wooden chair, sweating in the BC interior’s heat wave.

Irrelevant, I know.  The blog must go on.

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What I’m listening to

So here’s a smashing idea.

Instead of me racking my brain, trying to mould some beautiful analogy of the medical school experience out of the limited wordsmith-skillz I possess, why don’t we just chat?

Just us girls.

(And dudes.)

After all, most days of the week I’m at least partly reliant on the sound pumping through my ear buds to help lift my spirits or calm my scattered thoughts.  Music has become rather important in my day-to-day functioning, especially when I just need to feel something more intense than what my sleep-deprived brain is otherwise capable of.

So what the hell.  Let’s have a look at my (moderately contemptible) top 10 songs to fight burnout:

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