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Everything is awesome

Temperature outside finally made it over 5 degrees – check.

Got some sick new kicks – check.

Ran in aforementioned kicks faster and longer than I have in a year – check.

Hit my 3-year anniversary on WordPress – check.

Rocked the resuscitation simulation with my stellar teammates today – check.

Tickling my creative brain with writing for the med school skit show – check.



Oh yeah.  And I matched to rural family medicine.

It’s AWESOOOOME, woot woot.  I’m unbelievably stoked.  Thanks for the support and love, y’all.

Atalanta out.

 – Atalanta


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CaRMS (AKA Gauntlet of Extreme Peril and Social Distress)

It’s time.

It’s here.

This fathermucker right here.

(All the 4th year med students are currently hissing at their screen.  Fear it.  Feeeeeeear it.)

The Canadian Residency Matching Service has been a necessarily evil part of every Canuck med student’s experience since 1970.  Matching about 1000 fourth year medical students to their preferred specialty and site of choice, while taking each program’s preferred students into account all through a centralized process is a logistical nightmare, and The Gauntlet somewhat reflects that.

(I want to stress how much I appreciate the work that the CaRMS folks do, whether it’s upgrading their system to a more user-friendly version or manning the phones for calming panicked med students.  It’s just a hilarious and ridiculous adventure I wanna share.)

So what is CaRMS exactly?

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