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Crossing the line

So we had another charming half day spent discussing professional boundaries and how they have a rather irritating habit of colliding with other boundaries.  It comes up all the time in medicine, and we’ve all dealt with many cases that we either could identify as being oh-so-wrong, or maybe made us feel just… uncomfortable.

And with those discussions comes an assignment.  Insta-blog post, woot!

(It’s not cheating, mlehhhh.)

But I had something a bit different to write about than what I think they intended…

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Rotation roundup: radiology elective

I’ll find any excuse to use his beautiful face on my blog. I REGRET NOTHING.

So we jump from the OR to the dark rooms of diagnostic imaging.  Well, they’re not permanently dark.  They have light switches and stuff.  I just think they haven’t been used since the hospital was built.


It was a short, 4-day week because of Thanksgiving, so I had to try and pack as much of this huge specialty into every day as I could.  And it is huge.  Radiography, fluoroscopy, CT, MRI, angiograms, ultrasound… and for each of those there’s a little sub-list of general, GI, obstetrics, etc etc.  So what I found is not ever going to be a full understanding of what goes on every day on the main floor of the Alex, but I’ve put together a rough sketch of the stuff I found the most important.  Please to enjoy!

(Also, I’m on hiatus for a bit – 2 weeks off, BOOYAH!!  Off to Maui, I’ll send lots of sunshine-soaked love to y’all.)

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Rotation roundup: anesthesia elective

You know you’re getting lazy when writing in your blog once a week seems like an awful lot.

Lazy butt aside, I’m back with another review, this time of my week-long anesthesia elective.  I realize now that it’s not quite enough to be able to write a good, objective bit on an entire profession, never mind the sub-specialties within it.  But imma try.  Imma try good.

So here’s my (slightly abbreviated) stab at anesthesia:

(And happy Thanksgiving!!)

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Rotation roundup: urban family medicine

And there it goes.  The very first rotation of clerkship, gone in a flash.  I’m excited to be moving on and trying something different… but at the same time, I’m rather bummed.  I mean, I just recently became accustomed to the odd schedule (2:30pm to 10:00pm followed by 7:00am to 2:30pm?  Ouch.),  never mind getting used to the clinic routine, the computer system, the GP’s approach to medicine, my preceptor… it’s all ending so quickly.  There’s just such a huge variety of stuff to see in family med, you can’t possibly cover it all, never mind become proficient at any one thing.  Well, except maybe upper respiratory tract infections.  And cough.  I am the cough queen.  Post-nasaldripAsthmaGERDDrugs.  It’s all one to me, like TBSyphilisSarcoid.

So.  Time to dish.

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Things you learn during link block

I’m back, my lovelies!  (On my tablet, anyway.  Computer = dead.)

After an outrageously long hiatus, I am, in fact, back.  And plan to be back for some time.  Every week, if my brain will allow it.  And considering my first few months consist entirely of family medicine and electives, my brain shouldn’t be stretched too far.  Obs/Gyn… I make no promises.

For those who weren’t aware, we 3rd years just finished up our 2-week link block, which essentially links up our bookish learning with some useful skills and procedures.  As some of our teachers pointed out, it’s rather like taking the bunny slippers off us.  I consider it rather like taking the bunny slippers off before sending us tip-toeing through a minefield.  Personal opinion.

But it is a big transition, that from pre-clerkship to actually being out there in the trenches.  Knee deep in every type of human excrement, madly scribbling your progress notes while fielding rapid-fire pimping questions from every direction.  If it sounds like the battlefield, you’re starting to get an idea of what I’m expecting the upcoming year to be like.  From what I understand, one does not enjoy 3rd year.  One survives it.

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