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Merry Christmas!!

Hello again and a very happy holidays to you, whatever you happen to celebrate!

With Christmas comes another set of covers by yours truly (not quite the originals but, hey, girl’s gotta have dreams), this year the set’s called Gyroscope.  What with all the twists and turns in 3rd year, it’s been difficult to keep balanced.

I’ve got them all here for your viewing pleasure – enjoy!

 – Atalanta


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New Cover – “I See the Light” from Tangled

Quick blurb – over Christmas break, I recorded another cover disc, including this one from Tangled.  To be clear, YES, I did it because I saw it a trizillion times (oh yeah, beat that, Mr. Gazillion), and YES I’m stoked it got an Oscar nod.  Even if it did lose to Randy Newman.  Like always.

Anyway, enjoy!  If you are liking, check out my channel:



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