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The Vax Wars – Battlefield: Interwebz

(NB: All quotes are copied and pasted exactly as written.)

This isn’t a blog post about whether you should vaccinate yourself.  Or your kids.  God only knows it would take months to dig myself out of the pile of hate from either/both side.

This is a blog about the way the two “sides” (I hate false dichotomies, but I did title this “Vax Wars”…) are representing themselves.  On the internet, specifically.  On Facebook, very specifically.

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The medical student vs. the interwebz (or, Facebook: spawn of Satan)

I’ve been thinking about writing about this for a while.  Thanks to Caitlin (http://themindfulbite.com/) for giving me the gusto to get going.

Medical students seem to walk a fine line when it comes to social media.  And blogging is no exception.  So here’s hoping whatever opinions I hold don’t come back to bite me in the ass come CaRMS time. Continue reading

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