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Confessions of a neurotic medical student

I’ve been using the word “neurotic” an awful lot lately.  And no, I’m not going to quote the Oxford Dictionary  and tell you what it means like this is a grade 10 English project.  That’s what bloody Google is for.

Anyway.  It led me to think, I’m pretty neurotic.  I worry about a lot of stuff.  Some of it seems pretty reasonable, like passing the comprehensive exam at the end of this year, eventually seeing an optic disc with an opthalmascope, not killing anyone during my clerkship years… But a lot of it is pretty ridiculous.  A list of my favourite worries and cares are below for your enjoyment and derision:

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Awesome words: medical edition (part I)

I’ve been reading an awful lot of medical whathaveyou lately, and I’ve noticed that there’s a plethora of super awesome medical terms around, ripe for plucking.  Below is a collection of some of my favorites from GI block.  Do enjoy – say them out loud.  Let them roll around on your tongue.  Get a feel for their meatiness or angularity.  Or woodiness, if you enjoy a bit of Monty Python…

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Iy makez reel angsty blogz.

I was curious to note I’ve never actually written a proper blog entry.  Not for many a year, anyway.  So this is me doing that.  And procrastinating.  Because pulmonary physical exam can always wait.  Right?

So anyway.  Right around the beginning-ish of 2nd year med am I.  Starting to sound like Yoda, I am.

I guess this post is mostly about how disappointed I am in my lack of realism.  To be fair, my wild imagination is one of the things I like best about myself most of the time, but there’s a time and a place, amiright? Continue reading


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