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Inside the head (and heart) of a geek

Haven’t felt like writing.  Go ahead and hate.

But I really have needed to take a break from the med-related stuff and just embrace the most epic of my qualities – the pure, unadulterated geek within.

To be clear, this onslaught of nerdiness stems largely from my recent experiences with The Hobbit (yes, experiences plural – and it came out Thursday night, go ahead and judge me) and the accompanying special Star Trek Into Darkness preview that came along with the IMAX show.

I went to the midnight premiere with IMAX simply because I like the largest freaking screen I can possibly get.  And I’m from a small city so it’s still very cool and novel.  So for those who’ve never been to a midnight premiere or experienced that kind of insanity, here’s what’s up with that.

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10 things geeky, white girls like

I must admit, the title’s a bit misleading.  What I really mean to explore today is 10 things that white, tall, geeky, neurotic, med student girls like.

We’re a special breed, the MSWNTGs (pronounced “Miss Wanting’s”).  We’re few and far between, like the occasional star sapphire amongst a pile of rubies.  We’re wanting in the glitter and lustre department, unlike so many of our fellows… but if you catch us at just the right angle, we seem to glow from the inside-out.

So without further ado, the stuff that makes us glow: stuff geeky, white girls like.

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