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Rotation roundup: Physiatry

I’m in the process of catching up on posts – I say “process.”  What I mean is “harrowing task.”

I keed, I keed.  Got a few things on my plate at the moment, not the least of which is waiting for interview offers from CaRMS, and not the greatest is trying to record some stuff for my annual disc.

But carry on my wayward son, and whatnot.

If you’ll recall, I was in Halifax a few months ago for a 3-week elective in physiatry and a proper debrief is a little overdue.  Halifax is a drop-dead gorgeous city and I couldn’t be more blessed to spend a few weeks there, soaking it all up.  The weather was lovely for the first week… then deteriorated rather rapidly as late fall turned to early winter.  Who knew rain could fall horizontally?

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Things you learn

 It’s been a busy two weeks in Halifax so far.  Physiatry isn’t general surgery, in terms of sheer volume, but it has a tendency to keep you late, writing long notes on complicated patients.

It’s been vastly helpful, though, in terms of my MSK and neuro skills, as well as getting me more comfortable with those scary drugs they like to use (BACLOFEN, DUN DUN DUNNNN).  Plus the patients all have remarkable stories; we deal with a lot of spinal cord injury patients, as well as stroke rehab and treatment of other neuromuscular disorders like Guillain-Barré and ALS.

I’ve learned a lot.  Not only about medicine, but also about the coast and the lovely city of Halifax.  Here are the highlights, for your viewing pleasure:

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When driving from the Halifax airport to the city itself, you follow a stretch of green, red, and orange forest until the city doesn’t so much come into view as burst in on your senses.  The last of the day’s light on the quiet bay, the city’s lights beginning to dance on it, the sky an opalescent mauve.

This is what welcomed me to Nova Scotia today.

It’s a remarkable place with classic architecture and timeless neighborhoods.  I could hardly believe that the other three 20-somethings I shared the bus with were absorbed in their phones instead of their lovely surroundings.

And now, finally fed and watered after a hell of a long flight, I’m excited to do a bit of exploring and see what else this city can surprise me with.

 – Atalanta

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