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That one about Valentine’s Day – a letter to a Mr. Cumberbatch

(Since V-Day falls on a Tuesday this year, I’m posting this week on it.  Don’t hate.)

I don’t really have a Valentine this year.  Okay, fine, I haven’t had one in previous years, either.  Sheesh.

So in lieu of writing some sappy, pathetic poetry to that light of my life, that summer of my heart… I’m writing some to a blond-haired stranger from afar.  (Now is the appropriate time to snort derisively.)

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I’ve had requests from my burgeoning fans to write more bloggy stuff.  So off I blog.  And apologies to those people who mostly read the school-related posts – I have feminine feelings and whatnot to gush about.

As you’ll recall from my other romantically-inclined posts (newish and oldish), my “love life” has yet to begin, as it were.  In fact, only this week, I was directed by several people to online dating sites for various populations.  So I take that to mean that either I seem to be a depressed and lonely creature, or people really think I should just take a shot in the dark.  Because who knows?  lucasfanboy1999 might just be my soulmate.  Or a serial killer.  Or a podiatrist.

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