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Rotation roundup: obstetrics and gynecology

So my last obs call shift is officially over as of 8:00am this morning.  It’s a good feeling, outside of the typical hungover, post-call blahs.  Although it was about the weirdest call ever.  Why?


  • I slept 2 hours.  TwiceAnd I didn’t miss anything.  (For those who don’t know, getting 1.5 hours is about average for our group.)
  • I only delivered 1 baby, and at the very end of my shift.
  • I got to be 1st assist in surgery.
  • I was post-exam and post-OSCE.
  • I brought a novel.  And actually got to read it.  (The Casual Vacancy has been a refreshing change from Poe.)
  • I sat down for all three meals for 30 glorious, uninterrupted minutes.
  • I’m fighting a cold and actually felt better after my call shift.

Weird, right?

Anyway, now that I’ve put off writing this until the very last second, here’s my quick recap of an interesting 6 weeks on obs/gyne:

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I’m finally post-call after my first 26-hour stint on obstetrics call.  It’s a weird sensation for sure, especially since I came back to my apartment and slept for a few hours.  Now, mid-afternoon, it feels like late morning and late evening at the same time.

That doesn’t really make sense.


This entire week has been a bit weird – for 3 months I’ve barely seen one or two of my classmates and have been immersed in family medicine almost exclusively.  Now I’m hanging with half a dozen of us on a daily basis, dealing with ornery pregnant ladies, lots of surgery, an awful lot of vaginas, and happy newborn babies.  I still can’t quite believe I’m actually working in hospital (mostly).

Anyway.  Back to the topic at hand.  For those who aren’t aware, being “on-call” as a medical student on obstetrics means you’re essentially seeing everyone labouring, needing assessment, or who might be labouring from 6:00am one morning until 8:00am the next.  And given that it’s obs, that generally means a sleepless night.

I wanted to give those who’ve never experienced call a sense of what goes through your mind as the day (and night) carries on…

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