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I’m bored… now what?

I think I speak for all med students when I say that more studying equals more boredom.  And have we ever been doing a lot of studying.

There’s almost nothing less fun than being bored.  Maybe being bored during class.  But still.  Boredom’s an attention-killer.  And when you’ve got 2 years of notes to plow through, attention is both crucial and in short supply.  So how to do we guilt our focus into coming back to us? (Hint: it’s not flowers, chocolates, or desperate texts.) Prepare to be amazed, people.

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The medical student vs. the interwebz (or, Facebook: spawn of Satan)

I’ve been thinking about writing about this for a while.  Thanks to Caitlin (http://themindfulbite.com/) for giving me the gusto to get going.

Medical students seem to walk a fine line when it comes to social media.  And blogging is no exception.  So here’s hoping whatever opinions I hold don’t come back to bite me in the ass come CaRMS time. Continue reading

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Atalanta: The diabetic medical student

For those who don’t know, this past week our whole class was asked to “become” a diabetic to try and really understand what it is we’re diagnosing people with.  Fantastic idea.  Fantastic opportunity.

Not so fantastic to carry out.  Continue reading


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