The Lady Herself

Me at my finest

Going for the classy, put-together look

Well hey.

So it’s me, Atalanta.  I apologize in advance for the overwhelming sense of geek you’re picking up right now – I appreciate that it’s not for everyone.  But it’s for me.  It practically is me.  Between the music geek, the film geek, the med geek… it just never ends.  But that’s why you’re here, isn’t it?  Share some geek communion, why don’t ya.

Grew up in Medicine Hat, Alberta (like you know where that is) with all the standards in my family:  song, stage, and study.  Studied microbiology for 3 years at the University of Victoria before returning to the land of snow and sleet for medical school at the University of Alberta.  Edmonton is… well, it’s E-Town, innit?  Snow and sleet, remember that?

So thanks for dropping by, be sure to leave a comment or two on my lowly reviews – God knows it makes this worth it.



6 responses to “The Lady Herself

  1. M.Grant

    You are an amazing lady! Just keep swimming…swimming, swimming…You’ll do fine! I’m so excited you are going for it!

  2. I was reading through some of your posts, and I love how your writing is funny and simple, yet eloquent and sophisticated at the same time! It was a good way to start my morning, lol. . .nice blog! =)

  3. sonjacali

    I enjoyed your About Me post. And thank you for being a med student who doesn’t include God or Jesus in the first two sentences. An entertaining read with morning coffee, thanks!

  4. Good Morning Atalanta!! I am an ER nurse and my husband is an ER intern…boy oh boy does your insight register with me. Love your sense of humor and can’t wait to watch your residency unfold through your blog. Fist pumping for you, girl!


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