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Sick kids

Pediatric emergency work is challenging.  It’s a weird combination of truly sick kids, kids who are sort of unwell, kids who are 100% fine, and, once in a while, kids who are at risk of actively dying.  All in the same shift.

I had some experience in it back in medical school, though in a different hospital in a different city.  Which basically means starting from scratch when it comes to the logistical things.  But clinically, it’s been a wonderful few weeks of refining differential diagnoses and procedural skills.  And much in the style of my last few posts, I thought I’d share some little pearls about both working in and visiting a pediatric ER.

Carry on, dear reader.

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Looking at the title I’ve just written, it looks an awful lot like a typo.  Or just bad grammar.

But syntax aside, I have had a few firsts this week.  Wanted to share.  Because it’s a blog and I just like sharing my innermost thoughts and feelings for the entire universe to observe and criticize.  I’m a med student and a writer.  The need for encouragement, praise, and approval is near-pathological, honestly.

Anyway – my three firsts.

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