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The real world: Part I?

It’s nearly summer!  Officially, anyway.  I’ve always considered it summery if I see sun, blue sky, and a weather report of at least 20 degrees.  I make no presumptions about snow or hail.  It’s Alberta.  Stuff happens.

Anyway, I’m doing an elective in a family doc’s office this week and next in my hometown.  There are a few things that need gushing about and a few things that need rants.  So let’s do the over-enthusiasm and keenness this week and worry about the cynicism and pessimistic stuff another day, kapeesh?

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After the storm

So it’s a cliché title.  Do somethin’ ’bout it.

This is going to be a different kind of post.  No rant today, no funny lists, no life-altering, pseudo-philosophical ramblings.  And especially no terrible poetry.  Just a post inspired by quiet afternoons and summer lightning.

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