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I’m bored… now what?

I think I speak for all med students when I say that more studying equals more boredom.  And have we ever been doing a lot of studying.

There’s almost nothing less fun than being bored.  Maybe being bored during class.  But still.  Boredom’s an attention-killer.  And when you’ve got 2 years of notes to plow through, attention is both crucial and in short supply.  So how to do we guilt our focus into coming back to us? (Hint: it’s not flowers, chocolates, or desperate texts.) Prepare to be amazed, people.

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5 reasons the comprehensive exam needs to die

Most of us here are neck-deep in studying for the dreaded comp final.  For those unfamiliar with this specific mode of torture, it’s an exam sat at the end of 2nd year which basically covers everything we’ve learned in medical school.  Hence why I’m up at obscene hours of the night, trying to consolidate about 120 weeks of material into a manageable study stack.

This has led to a metric tonne of noon-hour reviews, study groups, and illegal textbook downloads.  It’s like a cult.  But for obsessive-compulsive personality types.

So to placate my fellow classmates (and possibly myself) with a few giggles, here are 5 reasons why the comp exam needs to die.

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