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New Christmas album up on YouTube!

Hey y’all.  So the Christmas holidays are not yet completed, so my get-up-and-go-write-a-blog-entry has not yet returned.  Instead, imma link you all to my new album (I use that term in the loosiest way possible).  Plus it’s a great excuse to plug art in medicine – just because I’m going to be a doctor someday doesn’t mean I have to give up music and being a diva.

I’m only putting up 3 of the 6 tracks this year because A) I’m lazy, B) it takes forever to upload in 1080p, and C) they’re more depressing than the 3 I uploaded.  So TADA:

Carol of the Bells:  This one goes out to my girls, yo.  More specifically, the 3 wonderful ladies who are largely responsible for the overwhelming success of the Winter Concert this year.

Lucky:  After years and years of begging, pleading, and otherwise embarassing myself, my little bro finally agreed to sing a duet with me.  Jason Mraz?  Colbie Callait?  Eat your heart out.

Over the Rainbow:  I’ve done this one a couple of times, most recently at World AIDS Day, but I figured I should record it properly this year with my super lame microphone.

Thanks for listening!

 – Atalanta

Photo courtesy of: suphakit73 | FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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So you say it’s your birthday…

Yup.  It’s true.  I turned 22 this past Wednesday.  (Yes, it was awesome and fun.  No, there was no studying involved.  Yes, there was ice cream and Star Wars cookbooks.  No, I didn’t get a chance to see Hugo yet.)

Hence, I’ve been neglecting my blog duties in favour of random acts of geekiness (including LEGO building, test taking, Minesweeper mastering, etc.).  But alas, alack!  The time for birth celebrations is over and the real work must begin again. Continue reading

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