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Crossing the line

So we had another charming half day spent discussing professional boundaries and how they have a rather irritating habit of colliding with other boundaries.  It comes up all the time in medicine, and we’ve all dealt with many cases that we either could identify as being oh-so-wrong, or maybe made us feel just… uncomfortable.

And with those discussions comes an assignment.  Insta-blog post, woot!

(It’s not cheating, mlehhhh.)

But I had something a bit different to write about than what I think they intended…

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The medical student vs. the interwebz (or, Facebook: spawn of Satan)

I’ve been thinking about writing about this for a while.  Thanks to Caitlin (http://themindfulbite.com/) for giving me the gusto to get going.

Medical students seem to walk a fine line when it comes to social media.  And blogging is no exception.  So here’s hoping whatever opinions I hold don’t come back to bite me in the ass come CaRMS time. Continue reading

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