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Awesome words: medical edition (part I)

I’ve been reading an awful lot of medical whathaveyou lately, and I’ve noticed that there’s a plethora of super awesome medical terms around, ripe for plucking.  Below is a collection of some of my favorites from GI block.  Do enjoy – say them out loud.  Let them roll around on your tongue.  Get a feel for their meatiness or angularity.  Or woodiness, if you enjoy a bit of Monty Python…

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2nd year hurts me + new vlog!

So we’re now officially halfway through GI block (gastrointestinal, for the uninitiated).  And ouch.  11 hours of testable material in the first 4 days?  Up to 13 hours mandatory stuff on top of that?  Running the med choir?  Trying to come to grips with the fact that this is only the beginning?

For my med folks, this isn’t earth-shattering stuff.  This is a regular week.  So I apologize if I’ve bored you already. Continue reading

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