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That other one about Valentine’s day: being single is cool

Steth and HeartFirst and foremost, I’d like to point out that I’ve been single the entire year. (Or, you know, my entire life.  Also that.)  Why it makes a difference to be single on one particular day, I have no idea.  But people do go on about it.

So here we are.  Another Valentine’s day without a Valentine.

You think that sounds sad?  Pathetic, even?

You have no idea how wrong you are.  Here’s the top 10 reasons why being single on Valentine’s day is the absolute best:

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That one about Valentine’s Day – a letter to a Mr. Cumberbatch

(Since V-Day falls on a Tuesday this year, I’m posting this week on it.  Don’t hate.)

I don’t really have a Valentine this year.  Okay, fine, I haven’t had one in previous years, either.  Sheesh.

So in lieu of writing some sappy, pathetic poetry to that light of my life, that summer of my heart… I’m writing some to a blond-haired stranger from afar.  (Now is the appropriate time to snort derisively.)

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